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Leed Ebom Reference Guide

leed ebom reference guide

LEED v4 for BUILDING OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE Includes: LEED O+M: Existing Buildings LEED O+M: Schools ... EBOM, SCHOOLS, RETAIL, DATA CENTERS, HOSPITALITY, WAREHOUSES & DISTRIBUTION CENTERS ESTABLISHMENT Use low-impact development (LID) practices to capture and treat water from 25% of the impervious

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LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance (EBOM) is a green building certification program operated by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) that recognizes “best in class building strategies and practices.”

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LEED-EBOM addresses whole-building cleaning and maintenance issues (including chemical use), recycling programs, exterior maintenance programs and system upgrades. Facilities seeking certification can earn points or credits in the following areas: • Sustainable Sites. • Water Efficiency.

LEED –Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance

LEED-EB: O&M measures the environmental responsibility of a building’s maintenance and operations, with the philosophy that greater measurement promotes better management.

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with achieving LEED Certification as required by the District of Columbia Green Building Act. It is intended to provide guidance, to facilitate the LEED process and to assist project teams in making sound economic and environmental decisions for LEED projects. It is not intended to replace the LEED Reference Guides, which are all essential tools


The following document is the Introduction section of the LEED Canada for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance 2009 Reference Guide. This excerpt has been made publically available to assist in the selection of an appropriate LEED rating system. The complete Reference Guide including

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LEED EBOM defines the green retrofit as “an upgrade at an existing building to improve ener gy and environmental performance, reduce water use, improve comfort and quality of space in terms of ...

LEED Canada EBOM 2009 Reference Guide Addenda

Transforming the Built Environment LEED: EXISTING BUILDINGS OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE Chris Laughman, LEED AP O+M, CFM, SFP christopher.laughman@graybar.com| 314.573.6599 U.S. Green Building Council – Missouri Gateway Chapter www.usgbc-mogateway.org | 314.577.0854 Missouri Botanical Garden Commerce Bank Education Center


Requirements Path 2. Exemplary performance (1-3 points) Achieve exemplary performance in an existing LEED 2009 for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance prerequisite or credit that allows exemplary performance as specified in the LEED Reference Guide for Green Building Operations & Maintenance, 2009 Edition.

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LEED EBOM 2009 Reference Guide: French Technical Glossary on www.usgbc.org.

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LEED-EBOM Building Eligibility LEED-EBOM is targeted at single buildings that are 100% owner- occupied, multiple-building projects, and single multi-tenant buildings. In order to certify multi tenant projects, Adobe HQ, San Jose CA tenant cooperation and participation LEED-EB Platinum will be required.

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LEED Reference Guide for Green Building Operations and Maintenance, 2009 Edition within 30 days after the workshop. Participants will also have the option to order one copy of the Reference Guide (either hard copy or E-Book) at a discounted rate. No exchanges or refunds will be offered for the Reference Guides. • Educational handouts

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LEED certification is a certification process aimed at rewarding sustainable and environmentally friendly decisions that are part of your construction process. It is a way to demonstrate to you and your customers, that certain environmental goals have been achieved during the design and construction of the structure or facility that is being certified.


Six Steps to a Successful LEED-EBOM Project By Greg Zimmerman, Executive Editor Green OTHER PARTS OF THIS ARTICLE Pt. 1: This Page Pt. 2: LEED-EBOM: Evaluating How Hard It Will Be to Gain Certification Pt. 3: Successful LEED-EBOM Projects Require Resourcefulness, Realistic Timelines Pt. 4: Occupant Buy-in Can Make or Break LEED-EBOM Projects

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Unlike LEED Version 4, which completely updated the LEED rating system in 2014 compared to 2009 levels, LEED v4.1 is not a full version change. Instead, it is the next evolution for the rating system, using the existing credit requirements as a foundation. LEED v4.1 is an update focused on the implementation, applicability, and agility of LEED.

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a networked environment. Unauthorized use of the LEED® Canada Reference Guide for Green Building Design and Construction violates copyright, trademark and other laws and is prohibited. Note that the text of federal and provincial codes, regulations, voluntary standards, etc., reproduced in the . LEED® Canada Reference Guide for Green Building ...

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For more information on the LEED certification process including LEED-Online, Credit Interpretation Requests and Rulings, Certification, Appeals, and Fees please see the LEED Reference Guide for Green Building Operations & Maintenance, 2009 Edition and visit www.usgbc.org or www.gbci.org.

LEED v4 for Existing Buildings: Operation & Maintenance (EBOM)

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To meet the prerequisite, you’ll have to implement an Environmentally Preferrable Purchasing policy in your organization using USGBC’s policy model, provided free in its official guide to EBOM. (The current EBOM standards were issued in 2009, and the next update, LEED v4, is set for release in 2013.

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Following is a summary of the more useful LEED-EBOM addenda to date. Most of the rest is less critical to project teams unless you need clarification on things like understanding that "includesincludes" on page 23 of the Reference Guide really means "includes." Janitor sinks out. WEp1 no longer includes janitor sinks. It's 1994!

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LEED v4 CI, but LEED EB’s credits only partially align. Benchmarking is not addressed in LEED v4 NC, but Federal requirements for Existing Buildings can be met if the credit in LEED v4 EB and LEED v4 CI is achieved. Water LEED v4 NC and LEED v4 CI include a prerequisite compliance path that fully

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LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance Recertification Guidance 4 LEED is more than a rating system, and more than a checklist. It is a long-term commitment to environmental best practices in the building industry. Each project that earns a LEED plaque commits to continue striving for the outcomes that LEED certification represents.

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The LEED Submittal Process is a part of the overall LEED Application Process.. Specifically, it happens after project registration, after the project administrator assigned credits to project team members, and after those project team members fill out the respective LEED Credits Forms – which means the project is ready to submit this information to the GBCI for review.

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Page 121 of LEED Interior Design and Construction Reference Guide also mistakenly listed EAp1 as IEQp2 under Domestic hot water systems for Table 1. If you are taking the LEED GA Exam, you can take USGBC courses or workshops. You should take USGBC classes at both the 100 (Awareness) and 200 (LEED Core Concepts and Strategies) level to ...

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LEED Exam Training. One of the first steps toward understanding how to effectively apply LEED is to earn the LEED Green Associate followed by the LEED AP credential, demonstrating an understanding of the key concepts outlined in the LEED Reference Guides & related material.

Leed Ebom Reference Guide

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Leed Ebom Reference Guide